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Lifestyle Sessions


Your Experience

CONSULTATION:  We will discuss ideas that make you swoon. Whether you want to capture your family or children on an adventure in the great outdoors, or capture them all snuggled together giggling in a favorite spot. Or maybe a tender moment between just you and your love. The possibilities are endless and I will be there to capture those unforgettable  moments! This is also a time for us to begin thinking about product purchases. Where are you thinking about hanging those special memories and sizes you may need. If grandparents are wanting the special print to brag about with friends. All fees will be discussed and designed to fit the experience you desire.

PHOTO SESSION:  Your photography session will be laid back, fun and will allow extra time you've been dreaming of with your loved ones. There is no hurry and no stress. I will be there to capture the sweet kiss, funny looks, giggles and the love. A posed family is always included but I thrive on capturing the genuine moments created by you being you. 

VIEWING/ORDERING: At this time I am offering two choices. One we can meet and view the gallery together and I will bring sizes and examples to your home or meeting place to give you the best options for what will look best in your home. The second option would be to view the private downloaded gallery and go over the best options for what you are wanting to display in your home . 

                                                             Your Session

CHILDREN: This is the perfect time for you to give your child that one on one time they long for. To let them create the mood of who they are as an individual member of your wonderful family. Weather they want to act like a princess or spiderman for a day, or just go on an adventure in the wilderness I will capture their spirt of who they are. The relaxed session lasts 1 hour. (125)

MATERNITY: This session is about documenting this precious moment in your life that you are about to embark on. The feeling of love and connection between mother and unborn child. This session lasts 1 hour of captured love of mother and child. (125)

SENIOR: This session is about capturing the memories of who you are, your hair, your style and what you have enjoyed during your final senior year. About remembering those special times when you look back on your wonderful last days of high school days. 3 packages are offered starting at 200.00

FAMILY: This session is a chance for uninterrupted family time. A chance to show your fun quirky side, or quiet adventurous side that you have, all while enjoying the time you are together making memories. The session lasts 1-2 hours of adventure and quality time.( 125-200)

ENGAGEMENT:  This session is all about spending romantic, fun one on one time with your soon-to-be. The perfect practice for your big day and to document your promise and commitment in your relationship. This session is 1-2 hours of love. (125)

Birth: This session is about capturing the last moments of pregnancy and the first breath of your child's life. I am on call 24/7 no matter the time of day. They are the most important  reminder of one of the most special days of your life. Dad won't have to worry about taking photos, so he will be able to enjoy the moment right by your side. This session includes a meeting where I introduce myself to mom and dad at about 35 weeks,travel,unlimited coverage of your day, between 75-125 images on a CD.  Also available a HD video of your images put to music downloaded to a glass USB and other special memory items.

Newborn: This lifestyle session is done in the comfort of your own home. I come to you so you can relax and not have to worry about dragging everything out and packing props and bags. I capture details of the nursery and interaction of the family with the new addition. This session lasts 3-4 hours of capturing first memories. 

NO IMAGES ARE INCLUDED IN THE RETAINER/SESSION FEE EXCEPT FOR BIRTH.  Most Retainer Fees are 125-200 depending on session

All sessions include wardrobe and location advice with your vision in mind. I take the time to create your session individually for you. 

Please fill out a contact form and submit it to me so I can start your special individual session for you and discuss the details of the day. I'm so excited to work with you and can't wait to get started! Smiles and Love, Jill 


                                                        Retainer Fee

Fee: A retainer fee is a fee that you pay when booking your session of capturing those memories. This fee will hold your spot for making those lasting memories of a lifetime. It is a NON REFUNDABLE fee that can only be used for the date planned by you, It can only be transferred 1 time in a months period and if the photographer has availability. After a month passes and not used on a session it is not refundable. 

There is not a session fee so once the retainer is paid your day is secure. All you have to do then is come and enjoy your day and not worry about any hidden fees. Your session will then be edited and downloaded to a private gallery for you to enjoy with family and friends for purchasing those special moments on print or digital. Please contact Jill at, fb, or 812-457-1436 to discuss your retainer fee amount. Thanks for choosing Osterhage Photography. 

Retainer fee 125-200

Archival heirloom portraits that last a lifetime....


                                                       What to wear 

Styling and selecting a great color scheme are both very important parts of your portrait session. Whether you are having individual or family portraits taken,there are some good rules of thumb to follow when selecting wardrobe. As your photographer, helping you with these decisions is part of my job because when you look great, I look great too, so never hesitate to get in touch with me and ask my opinion! 



  • Coordinate your colors.   Stay within a few color families. Three predominate colors is a safe bet when it comes to deciding

  • Iron wrinkle-prone fabrics.   Wrinkled fabric will not disappear in a photo. 

  • Embrace texture.   A few varieties of fabric textures is appealing to the eye and adds interest.                                                                                                         

  • Accessories   A few accessories are very important and can change a look in very little time. They are items that are worn or carried but not part of the main outfit. Hats,scarves,ties,hair bows,headbands,sunglasses,can all change the feel of the image in seconds.


  • Match your clothes identically.   It's unnatural and gives a less unique feel to your photos. You want each individual to shine, The more people in your portrait, the more this applies.
  • Wear uncomfortable or restrictive clothing.   You may be standing, sitting on the ground, or strolling down a rocky path. 
  • Alter your appearance drastically.  Doing this right before a session is not advised. If you have been sporting a beard for 20 years, the time to experiment with a new clean shaven look isn't now. The same should be said for spray tans,and drastic new hair cuts and color. 

                                                         Have Fun

Photo shoots are actually a lot of fun. I do my best to keep you relaxed and at ease, even if that means making a fool of myself. If it gets you laughing and having a great time, it is worth it! Because when you enjoy yourself it shows! An enjoyable experience is just as important as great photos!